Thursday, May 9, 2013

Aerina Scarlet

A character designed by Mike! Click for greater detail and a description of who this is!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Von Gravitas - The Lingerer [Dec.2012]

The Lingerer - The new release from Von Gravitas, is an exploration into more minimal territory. Giving a dark view in to personal religion, The Lingerer is an emotional roller coaster Climbing to psuedo-comical highs and crippling sadness.
Von Gravitas is:
Walthar Von Gravitas - Bass, Electric Guitar, Machines, Vocals in the background
Squids - Trumpet
Woody "the Bauce" Lawrence - Acoustic Guitar
Coming soon:
Von Gravitas - The Bell & The Hollow Earth

Friday, December 14, 2012

HAETOR! How To Set Yourself On Fire -OR- Black Metal OutKast

Bringing Rap Metal Back!
How To Set Yourself On Fire, the latest release from the Idiot Logick family is a stretch into the realm of lesser metal styles. How To Set Yourself On Fire -OR- Black Metal OutKast features the talented MR. CRO$$ on vocals, and is our homage to what rap metal could have been without Limp Bizkit and the like. The Three Monkeys Fucking Version of Raining Drugs features Dan ' Squids' Madden [of GhOst LIKE THIS... Lotus BLack, Von Gravitas, Champagne Charlie, The Dendrites...] on Trumpet, providing a distant/somber feel to go with the added narrative.
.WALTHAR-Guitars, Machines, Vokills, Production .WOLFMAN DAN-Vokills

Coming soon from The Idiot Logick Compound:
HAETOR - Anamniac pt.1- Genocide Note
- Anamniac pt.2 - The Molten Sea
- Anamniac pt.3 - Ghost Note
HAETOR - Abuse Your Illusion Parts 1&2
Von Gravitas - The Bell & The Hollow Earth
Von Gravitas - The Lingerer
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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Haetor - Reign In Drugs

Reign In Drugs! the New 'Full Length' Album by Haetor is by far the most brutal and punishing release by the Lakewood, CO outfit to date.  Since forming in February of 2012, Haetor has released 8 recordings with a total of 48 diatribes.
Fulminating at the mouth, Haetor has begun work on the 9th and 10th  'albums' hoping to release both before the end of the year [world].
Haetor is:
              Walthar- Music/Vokills/Lyrics/Production
              Wolfman Dan-  Vokills/Lyrics

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Von Gravitas - An Enormous Chunk of Idiocy


2004 was a good year for volume. Meaning, Von Gravitas produced 2 noise experimentation recordings: An Enormous Chunk of Idiocy & The Oceans Of Jupiter, which are meant to be played violently loud. As well as creativity, with a 'Folk/Noise' crossover 'Old Faced Boy' dubbed Grasscore. A multi-layered improv 'Slander/Pop' Anti-Hoff Conspiracy that borders on the obscene and distasteful. There are quite a few unorganized recordings that are currently being cataloged and arranged into future releases.
The next 10 releases will come in pairs, a la 'double albums' consisting of brand new material on one, and a past recording as the other.
Von Gravitas is: Walthar Von Gravitas
Featured Players on this album Include:
Woody Lawrence
Dave Hemmsing
Jon LeDuc
Mykill Von Gravitas
some guy named 'Andy'

Monday, October 29, 2012

About The Idiot Logick Compound

The Idiot Logick Compound is a collective of Artists, Musicians and Producers that have decided that humanity has lost the simple love for the creative. Popular culture has made all forms of art obsolete in the pursuit of money and glory. 
Fuck That! 
Although we take our arts seriously, we believe that it should be free! If you love what we stand for and do, we are all about collaboration, and we do accept assistance from people who care. 
Idiot Logick is a Studio/Label[ish] that branches into many genres [not afraid of any]. From all types of metal and rock, to reggae and hiphop. We engineer and produce, even arrange and write when called upon. Pure Human Art is our goal, we can help you, please help us spread the word \m/ 
Much Love! 
Walthar Von Gravitas

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Von Gravitas feat. Mr. Cross - HalloWeed! Freestyler

October 28th, 2012. Mr. Cross enters the Idiot Logick Compound and says "Lets just get busy on some freestyle" [or something like that] 66 minutes later.... This.
Mr. Cross-Vocals, Green Love
Walthar Von Gravitas-Production, Arrangement, Music, Green Love

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Friday, October 26, 2012

Von Gravitas - Bomb Shelter in L# Minor

The first official release from Colorado's Von Gravitas. 'Bomb Shelter in L# Minor' was inspired by a sudden and overwhelming urge to create Hip-Hop based music. Although instrumental [currently] Von Gravitas welcomes and encourages artists from all genres and media to collaborate.
Upcoming releases: The Bell & The Hollow Earth
Inertial Drone VS. Consequential Collapse
The Oceans Of Jupiter
An Enormous Chunk of Idiocy
The Lingerer [featuring The Otherists] 

Haetor - Blast Famine

The original demos of Haetor. Recorded way back in Feb. of 2012, this is a collection of songs created when we were just bored and angry with life. Pretty raw and ridiculous. 

Walthar- noise arranger and recordist/Vokills and Fury 
Wolfman- Vokills and Timidity 
Woody 'the Bauce' Lawrence- Vokills and Moral Support

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Von Gravitas - To Return..

Acousticality? Folking Metal Leftovers? Feeling abandoned, stuck in Kansas with a Tascam 4-track and an old [even in 2004] Dell laptop. Walthar decided to branch out into a new direction influenced by the desolation and local sounds around him. Having been pretty much exclusively a bass playerand noise artist that did not sing, It is astonishing that 6 of the 13 original tracks are fit [enough] for mass consumption. Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Haetor - Vulgar Display of Flowers

A 2 Track EP [Digital 7"] preceding the release of the upcoming full length 'Reign in Drugs.' No particular songs, riffs or words were actually referenced here. We just thought spoofing a couple of famous metal icons was in order.
Enjoy! \m/

The Seeds of Nux Vomica - The Ffrab Album

The extra 'F' is for more frab. 
A one shot deal. Recorded, not written on the fly, this foolish manipulation was the brainchild of no one. 3 extremely bored, but inspired idiots playing one instrument and the groove box an a 60 year old organ.... 
It has been decided although that if this release is well received, that it could easily become a real project in the future. Sparkles! 

Spagvox- Bass Signal 
Stachy B- Beats Yo 
Walthar - Bass

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lotus Black - Testing the Effects of Negative Reinforcement

Jazz Core at its most naturally ridiculous state, or at least in an opinion. This eclectic ensemble came together between 2002 and 2004, writing and refining their chemistry. Heading to the studio finally in 2005. Exploring hardcore, reggae, latin, samba, pop, funk, and good old fashioned noise. But alas, the studio was robbed in an overnight burglary before a final mix could be done. And unfortunately, L.B. was disbanded not long after. 6 lives are hard to coordinate. Guitar, Bass, Drums, Percussion, Saxes, And Horns: Cheers! 

Chrississippi- Guitar, Vox 
Dunnski- Drumski, No Vox 
Kozal- Lead Vox, Percussion and things 
Squids- Brass, No Vox 
Timmy!- Woodwind, Vox 
Walthar- Bass, Lead Vox